CD Sleeves and DVD Sleeves

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We have a wide array of CD sleeves and DVD sleeves to choose from. Our stock CD sleeves are extremely cost-effective. Our large selection ensures that we have a sleeve to fit your project. We stock: bind-in CD sleeves to bind discs into the inside front or back cover of a book, adhesive-backed CD sleeves with peal and seal backs, or even multi-pack CD sleeves for multiple discs.

We offer a full line of Duplication and Replication products ranging from Bulk Express Duplication to large quantity Replication with custom packaging.   We also have custom printed USB Flash drives for all your marketing presentations and promotional give always! Check out the options below and contact us today!

Choose from a wide array of stock media sleeve packaging at extremely competitive prices. We also produce custom-designed sleeves to your exact specifications. Sleeves can be bind-in, adhesive backed (for affixing to books, mailers, or other packaging),  or stock paper/paperboard or poly/vinyl sleeves for a cost-effective CD/DVD packaging solution.

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