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Shrink wrapping is one of the best ways to seal and protect your retail package while at the same time providing a polished, upscale “look” to your product. With over 20 years experience shrink wrapping retail packages and products, we can help you with your next Packaging Project.

We have the necessary machinery to shrink wrap any size package including a manual L-Bar, semi-automatic or fully automatic machine for projects with higher volumes.

We use only the best shrink film with superior clarity to ensure that your package will look clean and crisp. We can begin production 24 hours after receiving your materials and can provide quick turnaround as required by your due dates.

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    Developed in 2015

    In 2015, Xpress 360 further expanded its packaging capabilities at our Indianapolis, IN plant with the addition of Polyethylene Film Bundle Wrapping and Shrink-wrapping equipment from Arpac. Arpac is generally regarded as the top of the line Poly Bundle Wrapping or Tray Bundling equipment manufacturer. With this new equipment Xpress360 has the ability to offer our customers consistent daily production numbers as well as offering multiple shift daily run capabilities with the absolute minimum amount of downtime.

    This process is also known as tray wrapping (when items are wrapped inside corrugated cardboard trays), bullseye wrapping (due to the bullseye shaped hole on two of the sides where the film is not sealed), and Poly Bundling.

    The greater thickness, strength, and durability or Polyethylene film used in bundling, in addition to the significantly lower material cost, make poly bundling or bundle wrapping the obvious choice for larger and heavier items such as: glass or plastic jars or bottles, food and drink items, and larger or heavier multipacks or assortments. In addition to the greater durability, polyethylene bundle wrapped packages tend to grip better (or in other words are less slippery) than polyolefin shrink-wrapped packages.

    This means that polyethylene film wrapped product in corrugated cardboard trays can often be stacked directly on top of one another on pallets (when the product itself can directly support it), saving on the additional cost and bulk of shipper cartons, totes, gaylords, or buckhorns (plastic gaylords).

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    Reliability & Quality

    With over 20 years of experience in the fast-paced co‑packaging and kitting business our management team understands the importance of On Time Delivery with the quality you need.

    Cost Guarantee

    Eliminate the cost of hiring and managing hourly labor by using our fixed unit pricing structure which ensures your margins will not be eroded by productivity losses.

    Total Solution

    With a local supplier network we can provide co‑packing as a turnkey service so you don’t have to deal with several sources, conflicting timelines and pressing deadlines.

    Capacity & Flexibility

    With the help of our sister company TempStaffing Inc., we have the capability to greatly expand our workforce on short notice for additional capacity to handle those urgently needed projects.