Case Study

Consumer Goods Company: Co-Packaging


A leading global consumer goods company with over 100 well-known brands was unable to meet the dramatic increase in COVID driven demand in their canning jar division.  Their facility was already running 24/7 on all automated case packing equipment and lead time on new machines was over a year.  Due to a previous working relationship with XPress360, this client contacted us looking for help to meet the new demand.  They knew we had the people and equipment required for the job, but they were unsure we had the immediate capacity needed to help them take advantage of the new sales demands for their 12-count cases and Lids/Bans.


Solutions Approach


Week 1- Daily Volume started at 5,000 12-pack cases (60,000 jars) and 10,000 12-pack boxes of lids/bans. At the peak of summer volume was up to 25,000 cases (300,000 Jars) and 60,000 boxes of lids/bans.

Customer was able to increase their sales by over 50% and received volume discounts from XPress360 at the same time!