Labeling / Relabeling

Xpress 360 can print and apply labels of all types and sizes! With hundreds of existing dies we can provide labels and stickers for most projects without additional tooling costs. Here a few common labels and stickers:

  • Barcodes Labels
  • Cover Labels
  • Price stickers
  • Promotional Labels
  • Starburst Labels
  • Scratch off Labels
  • UPC Labels
  • Sales Stickers
  • Warning Labels
  • Custom Labels of all types

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    Application Types

    Label Application– We have years of experience applying labels to merchandise and products of all kinds. Things like books, shipping cartons, promotional products, and a variety of other retail items.

    Hand Application– We can do precise hand application that requires placement within 1/32 of an inch with the fastest turns and lowest pricing in the industry!

    Serialization Capabilities

    Whether you are reworking or repricing a current product or need to cover up a printing mistake, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your project?

    Barcode serialization labeling and tracking labels

    Responding to the market trend for increased product identification and tracking capabilities. Xpress 360 offers serialization barcode labeling and scanning. Xpress can now print and affix custom serial number, Mac address, and sku labels, in addition to carton and pallet labels and provide all of this data in files that can be imported or uploaded into customers’ WMS or ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. Barcode serialization will allow your company to identify the precise location of each individual product with it’s unique serial number and locate it in your warehouse, third party warehouse, or in transit location, at any time from your WMS or ERP system.

    This also helps companies identify and prevent theft and counterfeiting, in addition to helping to segregate and re-work, re-brand, re-package, or update / upgrade product that may need new packaging, further inspection, or other upgrades or refurbishment. Xpress is proud to offer this more advanced barcode labeling and scanning/ recording capability to it’s current menu of labeling technology.

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    Reliability & Quality

    With over 20 years of experience in the fast-paced co‑packaging and kitting business our management team understands the importance of On Time Delivery with the quality you need.

    Cost Guarantee

    Eliminate the cost of hiring and managing hourly labor by using our fixed unit pricing structure which ensures your margins will not be eroded by productivity losses.

    Total Solution

    With a local supplier network we can provide co‑packing as a turnkey service so you don’t have to deal with several sources, conflicting timelines and pressing deadlines.

    Capacity & Flexibility

    With the help of our sister company TempStaffing Inc., we have the capability to greatly expand our workforce on short notice for additional capacity to handle those urgently needed projects.