Product Packaging Trends In 2023 You Need to Know

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2023 has seen an increase in innovation in the product packaging trends. 2023 is going to be an even more exciting year for product packaging and its related fulfillment processes as we see more innovation in areas that were once deemed impossible just a few short years. One thing you can count on is more data and customization because of the data collected and subsequently used to improve the various aspects of product packaging. In this article, we’ll look at the top trends and predictions that will define the packaging industry in 2023 and how you need to adapt.

100% Recyclable Packaging

Over the past few years, recycling has become a huge part of how the packaging industry has shown its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint. In 2023, there will be more companies offering 100% recycled packaging than ever before and that will be a key determinant for companies looking for contract packaging services.

According to our product packaging trends research, the use of recycled materials comes as a requirement from many different entities including cities, e-commerce companies, and even consumers. Packaging companies seeking to maintain a competitive edge will need to adapt 100% recycled packaging materials.

High Degree Of Personalization

We’re living in a world that is embracing the individual uniqueness of consumers as online shopping becomes mainstream. Because of this, there will be demand for more personalization of packaging. We already see this with a number of large companies:

  • Coca-cola prints people’s names on the bottle,
  • Frito-lays prints faces on their packaging

Personalization of products has become very successful because it celebrates a consumer’s unique identity with a brand as opposed to being one of millions of people who buys a product from a certain brand. The more a consumer identifies with a brand the more they feel connected to it.

The ability of packaging companies to offer personalized packaging will be an important factor that will attract new business in 2023 as more and more packaged goods companies will be seeking packaging companies with this capability.

Minimal Designs

Another trend that is taking over the packaging industry, as well as other consumer goods industries, is minimal and clean designs. According to recent studies, clean designs appear more environmentally safe than over-engineered designs that look complicated and over-packaged.

The rise of minimal designs has been supported by social media to a great extent. For example, unboxing photos on Instagram or videos on YouTube show that the aesthetics of the packaging are just as important as the contents. If the packaging doesn’t look great, it hurts the contents even though the two are not related.

The need for minimal designs will lead companies to redesign their packages to stay in step with what consumers are looking for. This will create opportunities for packaging companies that can offer digital designs as part of their services.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging refers to all non-rigid packaging and in 2023, more and more packages were in a flexible form including bags, pouches, and wraps. Flexible packaging is very appealing because it ships well given that it doesn’t have to maintain a certain form.

Flexible packaging is made possible by material science, which is a discipline that combines chemistry and engineering to produce materials that are not only light and flexible but also strong enough to withstand forces applied to it. Flexible packaging offers many advantages for consumers including the fact that they take up less space, are easier to open and cost less to ship.

Another great appeal for flexible packaging is that materials used in flexible packaging are engineered to be bio-degradable and can be easily recycled as opposed to rigid packaging materials. In 2023 more packaging companies will be switching to flexible packaging because of these benefits.


Like many industries, the product packaging industry is set to raise the bar even higher in 2023 as it incorporates new innovations to improve efficiency, reduce waste and sustain our environment with environmentally safe packaging materials. While many of these trends have already started, there will be others that we’re yet to see.

2023 will be an exciting year, as companies look to merge aesthetics, form and function to make the best product packaging for client companies. At the end of the day, it’s all about giving value to consumers who expect the best.

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