Why Demand For Eco Friendly Packaging Is On The Rise

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Eco Friendly Packaging

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Today’s consumer is informed and is concerned about the environment that she finds herself and that means, eco friendly packaging. This concern for the environment then shapes her buying decisions choosing to spend money with companies that show their commitment to being eco-friendly as well.

One of the obvious elements that companies can improve upon is product packaging. For many years product packaging meant using plastic materials that were not eco-friendly and consumers didn’t think much of it. Today, consumers demand more from the businesses they support which means that companies need to reassess their processes to make their operations eco-friendly.

The demand for eco friendly packaging is on the rise because of the following reasons:

  1. It increases sales. Informed consumers are choosing to buy products packaged in eco-friendly materials because it reduces the carbon foot-print.
  2. Sustainable packaging can be bought in large volumes. This means a lower cost per unit for you, the product manufacturer. It also means that fewer materials are needed to transmit your packaging in the first place, further diminishing your environmental load.
  3. It can lower your shipping costs. Because eco-packaging tends to be more moderate and less rigid than other packaging options, it can reduce the price it costs to ship your products.
  4. Eco-friendly packaging materials are better for manufacturers and consumers alike. Unlike synthetic, chemical-laden materials, green materials tend to be free from harmful byproducts that can create physical health issues. A healthy team is a productive team and it goes along to improve the bottomline of your company.
  5. It verifies companies as environmentally and socially conscious. Green packaging helps brand your company as a conscious manufacturer, and instantly gives customers a good first impression of you. Studies show that customers feel more positive about a company that uses green packaging. Being eco-friendly is an identity that many consumers cherish and to that extent, they seek companies that share this identity and commitment.
  6. It is easier to recycle. Unlike other types of packaging, sustainable packaging can be recycled and sometimes even repurposed or composted if it is highly biodegradable. Many cities have rolled out recycling initiatives that encourage residents to recycle so by producing green packaging, you make it easier for your customers to recycle or reuse the packaging.
  7. Some companies are encouraged to use eco-friendly packaging materials through tax incentives and city/state projects. Various environmental organizations and government initiatives are working to subsidize eco-friendly packaging materials and reward companies who use it.


Eco-friendly packaging is here to stay, as more and more consumers identify with sustainability and conscious consumption through their spending. If your company does not have an eco-friendly packaging, it may be wise to do so now. Use the reasons outlined here to make the case to your colleagues and executives about going green.

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