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Find Kitting Warehouse: Kitting is a packaging process where you take an individual item with an SKU and combine it with one or more other items to form one new product with a new SKU. This process is widely used in packaging a wide range of items including electronics, cosmetics, retail items, printed materials, kids’ toy-sets, promotional kits, etc. In this article, we’ll look at kitting in-depth and see its importance in the packaging industry.

Why Kitting Is Important?

There are many reasons why kitting is an essential process in the packaging of many products. Here are the top reasons:

  1. Kitting makes it easier for the consumer. When a customer receives their order in an assembled kit, it is one less thing they have to worry about and will mostly be happy with the order. When a customer has to assemble their kit, all sorts of things can go wrong leaving a bad taste in the customer’s mouth
  2. Kitting usually saves precious warehouse space for the packaging company. When you store all the parts separately, you need extra space to store all the items. However, assembled kits allow you to reduce the space required for storage
  3. Assembled kits sell faster than the individual parts. Imagine a computer manufacturer that sells computers but in parts. The customer has to figure out all the parts they need then make the order. For many people, these kinds of decisions will prevent them from buying or at the very least delay the purchase for a long time. If the kit is assembled, it’s easier to decide to purchase because it comes complete
  4. Kitting reduces the chances of screw-ups and returns. Products that require some assembly have high rates of returns simply because not all users are handy enough to put the kits together carefully. Assembled kits, on the other hand, show a low rate of returns simply because there is no assembly

Kitting May Not Be For You

There are certain instances where kitting may not work well. Here are a few reasons why kitting may not be right for you:

  1. In cases where the consumer expects/enjoys to put the kit together, it may be best to not assemble a kit for that product,
  2. Kitting can result in a much larger final product which could significantly increase the shipping cost,
  3. Kitting works well only for items that go well together. Combining items that are not bought together can affect sales


Find kitting warehouse today. Kitting provides a number of great bundling opportunities for your products and should be considered if you’re not doing it at the moment. At Xpress-360 our goal is to ensure that you are successful in your sales efforts through kitting. We can take care of your whole project, or just a portion of it and either way, you’ll get the best from us. In addition to kitting, we provide shrink wrapping, hand assembly, display assembly, belly branding, and quality inspections.

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